Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Religion vs Spirituality: What's the difference?

Religion vs Spirituality

Now I have questions that I need to find answers too. I begin my quest for answers. I started to look into the “New Age” spirituality views. I have always been interested in ghost, psychics and other questionable phenomenon. This made the new age outlooks to be very interesting to me. I read many books on the subject.

I liked the thought of a “Mother God” named Azna. Heaven or The Other Side was considered to be here on Earth but at a different frequency level then us. Ghosts are people that have not crossed over and are seen here on earth. Spirits on the other hand have passed over but come to visit us. When we see them on Earth they will seem to be floating a few feet off the ground, this is because they are on that other frequency level discussed earlier. There were many other views on everything from fairies, leprechauns and other fantasy being being real but also on other frequency levels. Hell does not exists as we believe. Dark spirits go into a separate area on the other side where they just wander for eternity or get sent back to Earth to repeat another life. (All this information can be found in books written by famous author/psychic Sylvia Browne.)

I am embarrassed to say that I actually started to believe some of this nonsense. Don't get me wrong, I do still believe in ghosts/spirits and psychic phenomenon. I have seen ghosts and have known of people with special gifts.

Questions to ponder: We would love to have some comments and thoughts.

  1. Would believing in a “Mother God-Azna” be considered Idolatry?
  2. What about “The Law of Attraction or Quantum physics, Evolution, The Big Bang?” So many questions, so much information to process; what do you do?
  3. So many different religions (Catholic, Buddhism, Christian, Methodist, Protestant, etc) what's the difference?
Then you hear in the news of all the Catholic Priest getting arrested for child molestation, is this what religion has to offer?  Do you need to bang down people's door with pamphlets?  Please don't be offended if you happen to be Catholic or a Jehovah's Witness because for some reason when it comes to religion, the not religious or non believers might be a better way of putting it; only pass along the bad news.  Where's the Good News?

Sometime around last summer (2012) I woke up. Amidst another financial crisis, I was drawn back to the thought of church. I remembered always feeling better and peaceful when I attended church and I longed for that feeling again. Fernando had also been starting to come around to the thought of God but stated he wasn't ready to go to church. I had a decision to make, do I go back to Church?

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