Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Christian Faith: Part III (My Life)

Next chapter...My friend Donna, from childhood introduces me to her brother-in-law. We hit it off pretty well. So well I was pregnant by month six. Still not yet divorced from my first husband, I had to take care of that. Divorced in March 2002, married to the next one in September, gave birth December 23, 2002 to my lovely daughter Alejandra (Ali).

Here's the funny part of this story...Donna & Brenda are sisters, growing up people thought I was also a sister. Now I end up marrying the third brother, meaning Donna and Brenda married two brothers and I married the third. Now we had problems all along, my husband was very strict with the kids and he could be rather rude and argumentative with me. I should have had a clue when we were arguing all the way to the town hall to apply for our marriage license.

My dad died in January of 2005 in a nursing home. He suffered from Alzheimer's Disease as well as having his leg amputated due to gangrene (diabetes) and had heart and lung disease to boot. Now I woke up and decided I needed to do something about my weight issue being 300 pounds at the time and looking forward to a life most likely with diabetes. September 18, 2006 I had gastric bypass surgery. Now don't get me wrong I tried just about every diet imaginable throughout the years with minimal results, or lost 50 lbs to gain back 75.

As I lost weight I guess my husband got jealous because he repeatedly accused me of cheating on him. I won't get into those details, I will just say that he was very wrong. The only person I was falling in love with finally was myself. Around that time his mom in Guatemala became ill and he chose to go visit her. Giving the fact that he was in this country illegally, coming back was not going to be easy. A few months after he left I discovered I was pregnant again. I called to tell him and he responded “I'm not even there, its not mine.” Needless to say I conceived the night before he left, so yes it was his.

In August my mom moved in with me and the kids to help me out for the end of the pregnancy. I went into labor at 5:30 am on September 21, 2007. The hospital was almost an hour away and my ride wasn't moving very quickly. We winded up calling an ambulance just in case. Good thing, I gave birth to my gorgeous baby girl Kaitlin (Katie) at 7:05 in my driveway as the paramedics were wheeling the stretcher to the ambulance.

The next day I call Guatemala, “you have a daughter.” Response “no I don't, you do.” OK, research how to get a cheap divorce. I printed all paperwork and filed with the County Clerk. Not sure if it was postpartum or just the situation in general but I was kind of depressed and cranky to say the least. I had lost weight all through the pregnancy and was now 125 pounds. Loving the way I looked and physically felt but mentally drained. Chris tells me “you need a man mom.” and at 12 he sets me up a profile on Myspace. That is were a whole new chapter starts....

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