Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Church, God, Jesus, What?

What is all this about?

As an infant I was baptized in the Methodist faith at our local small town church (Steven's Memorial United Methodist, Vista, NY). As a kid I remember only attending church for weddings, funerals, and a holiday here and there. I always believed there was a God and a heaven but knew very little about the whole story. I might have learned bits and pieces over the years but nothing significant.

In and around 2005-2006 while suffering through my second marriage I started to wonder what all the hype was will going to church and prayer. I began looking around for a church or churches to visit and get an idea how things worked. I of course went on line and research churches in my town and surrounding towns but I didn't feel pulled to any of them. I worked in Fishkill at the time and drove by a beautiful church in Hopewell Junction everyday. I could not help but stare at it each time I passed. It was a little out of the way in proximity to my home checked out the website anyway.

I was in awe of all the community and international missions they were involved in and just had an amazing feeling as I read and clicked through the pages of the site. I happen to notice they not only had a traditional service, but also a contemporary and an even an evening service. Being new to the whole idea I thought the evening service might be my best bet to start. I remember the first service I attended was amazing. A friend attended with me that night and we saw the woman’s choir of Walter Hoving Home. They were fabulous. If you don't know, Walter Hoving Home is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation for women in Garrison, NY.

From that night on I started to attend Hopewell Reformed Church more often; some evening services, some morning contemporary services. I was always welcomed with smiles and I felt so at peace when I was there and for days after, actually longing for the next Sunday to come. Then life got easier for awhile and I stopped going to church. Until, my husband left to Guatemala. The bills started piling up and I found out I was pregnant and life fell apart.

Guess where I was drawn to once again? Yep, Hopewell Reformed Church (HRC). I was again welcomed by a special lady; Pam helped me through my current situation more than she will ever know. I explained to Pam what was going on in my life and how difficult things were, especially financially with my husband gone.

The next Sunday at church Pam handed me an envelope with a check from the church to help me with my expenses. I was in tears sitting in service; I had never known anyone to give money to someone they barely new out of the goodness of their heart. Eventually I needed money to get a new apartment, and again HRC helped me. I could never thank them enough for their generosity. But you know how I repaid them, by not attending church anymore. Life was better again, so I no longer needed church.

After Fernando came into my life we attending HRC once or twice, still welcomed. Pam even remembered my name. Soon Fernando got his diagnosis and our world turned upside down. In his depression and anger he totally denied the existence of God and after listening to his thoughts on the subject I started to wonder and question my beliefs too.

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