Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Christian Faith: The SIns of My Life

Now that I have given you the cliff notes for my life I just want to fill in a few brief details. Over the years I have done many things that I am not proud of, at least not anymore. A year ago if not even more recently I would have said I was very proud of some of the things I got away with, I have skill! My criminal life started at around age 11-12, when I got caught stealing make-up from Jamesway Department Stores. No criminal charges, my parents where in the store and had to come get me from the security office. Now that would have deterred most people from that lifestyle, not I.

I continued stealing little things from stores but just learned how not to get caught; to the point of walking out of stores with bicycles, printers, and more without paying. My best skill is in “white collar” crime though. My boss at Blockbuster Video was actually upset that he had to fire me when they caught me renting movies without paying. He said for me to be able to figure out how to do what I was doing for so long without getting caught I was extremely intelligent and would have made a great manager. Then of course there was the fire department thing I spoke about in my second post. Lets just say, practice makes perfect.

And if you think stealing was it your wrong. If you needed a signature or even a whole document forged, I was your girl. One of my jobs, this actually came in handy to me and the company. The job required, or maybe not required but you made much more commission if you were able to stretch the truth, recreate documents to show what you needed it to say, or to make phone calls stating you were someone else to get things done. I have gotten bank loans with totally falsified paperwork, written bad checks and much more. Truthfully I should have been in jail many times over.

With all that said, I have always had financial difficulties. This was my long time excuse that gave allowed me to get past my conscious telling me it was wrong. Especially once I had kids, “I needed to feed my family!” As I grew older I did realize and stopped doing most of those things for my kids. And these big businesses could afford it anyway, I didn't steal from people. But for the sole reason that I was afraid of getting caught again and going to jail; how was I going to take care of my kids then?

I am probably scarring some of you that know me now, but didn't know me then. I'm actually scaring myself looking back at how many years of prison I could have faced, and my eternity in hell for my crimes. Now I believe that all these years of financial hardship just might have been my punishment for the crimes I committed.

Tomorrow I will finally discuss the way Jesus Christ has saved me. I just wanted to show people how no matter what you have done or been through in life there is a way out. Through our Lord, anything is possible. And yes, you can trust me NOW, my heart has been changed!

God bless you!

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