Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Christian Faith: Part II (My Story)

So I already gave you a quick look at the first eighteen years of my life, now let us move on to the next ten years or so. Dropped out of college, kicked out of fire department, working menial jobs and moved into a small apartment with my new boyfriend after only about a month together.

Going from job to job finally started working for a taxi service in Bedford Hills, working long hours as a dispatcher and driver at times with my boyfriend. Right from the start I should have known I had made a bad decision with this guy. Alcoholic and cheater, time and time again I put up with other women and his drunkenness. Now I look back and know that I had no respect or love for myself. After about a year I ended up pregnant. Six months into the pregnancy he took off and moved in with another woman.

Now with little money and pregnant I moved back with my parents in that house I couldn't wait to get out off. I had an awful pregnancy being hospitalized twice for severe vomiting and dehydration I started working at Scott's Corner Market in Pound Ridge making little more than minimum wage until I was 36 weeks and the doctor said I couldn't work anymore. I just want to interject that my parents had tried to fix up the house several times over the years but the town wouldn't approve the work.

September 27, 1995 my water breaks but labor never progresses. Doctor says if nothing by the end of the next day they will induce. I call the baby's father to let him know, he's not around but the woman he is living with answers. Amazingly she is very friendly to me telling me how her ex left her pregnant also. Either way I honestly had no care in the world to be speaking with her. September 29th at 9am they induced my labor, at 12:22 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy; Christian (Chris). He (my ex & father of Chris) shows up after for about 5 minutes then again at like 6 am the next morning and tells me he wishes us the best. A couple months later he calls me and tells me he is leaving with his girlfriend moving to Florida, but if I want to give it another chance he will drive her there and come right back to us.

I chose to give him another chance, he left and came back as he had said but it didn't last too long before he was up to the same crap. At least I had made it into the medical billing field and was making a little more money than before. Eventually I thought if I actually married him it might make a difference. Wrong! He applied for his legal residence since he was actually from Ecuador. He ended up needing to go back to Ecuador for processing of his papers. Needless to say I fought for 7 months and finally got him home. A month later he informs me he had been with another woman in Ecuador and she was coming to the US to be with him. By this time my son was 5 and starting school and I was able to get my own apartment. Like an idiot I am still seeing him while he is living with her. Well, life goes on......

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